The First New Alan Partridge Clip Has Dropped And It’s As Dumb As You Would Expect


He’s back.

When it comes to Alan Partridge, you just know that there’s going to be a certain awkwardness about it and we’re pleased to say that the first clip of his new show doesn’t disappoint.

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‘This Time With Alan Partridge’ is set to premiere at the end of the month and will see the iconic TV presenter appearing on the BBC for the first time since 2003 as he fronts an early evening style ‘One Show’. The clip is typical Partridge, showing him freaking out before he’s going on air as well as giving us the first sighting of his new co host Jennie Gresham (played by Susannah Fielding):

Yeah, it’s not really enough is it? But I suppose that’s the point of teaser trailers isn’t it, and to be fair ewe were all gonna tune in anyway even if there wasn’t a trailer so it’s nice of the BBC to even treat us to that really. Thankfully we’ve only got a couple of weeks to wait until we can see the whole thing.

For more Alan Partridge, here’s a genuine Tory election campaign video that looks like something he came up with. Jokes.


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