Straight-Up US Shotta Apparel ‘The Essence’ Launch Their Threads In The UK With A Splash Of OG Grime Style

These threads look quality, sharp, moody and guaranteed to lend you some extra swagger.

Every home-boy loves a set of fresh garments to cruise around in and The Essence Clothing – coming straight outta New York – bring the true essence of urban culture in their carefully considered range of jackets and apparel.

Bourne from the streets – and harking back to an era when people hooked up their turntables to street lamps and other public service power-points – the city gave birth to the fundamentals of hip hop culture, sowing the seeds for an art form and culture that holds direct influence today.

Essence Clothing 1

Entrenched and rooted in the aesthetics of hip hop’s golden years, The Essence distils the Big Apple’s musical gift to the world.

Wanna look sharp as f**k? Check out their signature red ‘Big Apple 1979′ jacket or even their Wu Tang inspired ‘Shaolin Swordsmen‘ and ‘Chessboxing’ black fabric and leather mix jacket. The threads look quality, sharp, moody and guaranteed to add some extra swagger to yo’ look.

There’s plenty more to feast those pearlies over at The Essence Clothing Instagram. Get involved or all of your cool-as-fuck mates will undoubtedly rip you and your trampy.

Essence Clothing 2

Essence Clothing 3

Essence Clothing 4

Essence Clothing 5

Get involved with ‘The Essence’ Facebook page HERE.


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