This video will really freak you out.

This is probably the creepiest and weirdest video you will see all year.  Basically Monica Cook is some artist who specialises in being weird and making weirdass stop motion animatronic videos like the one below. To describe what is happening in the video would be pretty much impossible because I don’t even know what’s happening in the video. It’s like watching a David Lynch movie when you’re tripping on acid or something, but I know it involves some weird animatronic plasticine woman giving birth to weird looking babies with huge vaginas and then some people turning into werewolves.

Monica Cook herself has explained the rationale behind making art like this, stating that ‘the mechanistic pumpings and ejaculations of breast milk, the eruptions of diseased skin and the exaggerated sexual organs are all included because our own bodies are stuffed full with blood and squirming tubes.’ So that’s why! Gotta love art.

This video is from about a year ago but Monica Cook has got a new show at Postmaster’s Art Gallery in New York City at the moment called Volley which tells the story of the life and death of some phosphorescent mutant apes.  Animal NY’s Marina Galperina has the following to say about it: ‘It’s a love story of humanoid, cave-dwelling monkeys, loving in efflorescent goo, conceiving, birthing, mothering, and dying… all while you can see their insides working through their transparent, ripping skin. It’s all shiny fluid and dripping flesh, sequins, pipes, teeth and peeled glittered bones. It’s also very touching.’ It sounds….interesting. Are there any Sick Chirpse readers based in New York who want to check this out for us? Hit us up at

In the meantime you can enjoy Monica Cook’s original animatronic video below. It seems as though Monica Cook is going to be a big star in the art world with her unique ideas and delivery. We’ll keep you updated at Sick Chirpse.

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