The Chicken Connoisseur Made It Onto ITV News Last Night


Hitting the mainstream.

The internet absolutely exploded towards the end of last week when somebody found the Chicken Connoisseur’s YouTube channel and everybody absolutely fell in love with this kid. He just Ok sickbopsing around London checking out fried chicken joints and letting us know how he feels about them in his own unique style. He really was a breath of fresh air in a year that has been mostly crappy.

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Despite the fact that Chicken Connoisseur – real name Elijah Quashie – was a legitimate superstar in the space of about a day, I’m sure most of us expected his fame to last for about as long as the last viral superstar, but he might have actually managed to sustain it thanks to an appearance on ITV news last night. Quashie was live in the studio for a two minute interview – which you can see below – where he discusses his love of chicken, his actual age, and what the future holds for him:

Yeah he wasn’t as confident or as funny as he was in the videos, but he still seemed like a pretty fun and down to earth guy. There’s no telling what the future might hold for him but if he wants to play up on his fame he could get a big money endorsement from somewhere like Nando’s or KFC if he plays his cards right and holds out for the big money.

Whether that would be compromising his ideals as chicken connoisseur is something he’ll probably have to think about though. In fairness, I think if any of us were in his position we wouldn’t think twice about it, would we?

In any case, we were doing fried chicken shop reviews at Sick Chirpse before that guy was even on the scene, he’s just a bare rip off – check out episode 3 of Golden Wing below:


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