Hip place to hang out sure, but hip place for burgers?

So after the disappointment of Matt the Dick’s visit and the fact that we couldn’t get burgers at the Big Chill when he was over and had to go to All Star Lanes instead (which was great by the way) I resolved to check the burgers at the Big Chill out sometime in the near future as the selection looked really good and reasonably priced. I was particularly excited by the ABC Burger which featured avocado, bacon and cheese (ABC burger, get it?!) but there were some old classic on the menu too like a smoky BBQ and a Mexican and a Big Blue (blue cheese and onions mmm mmm).

Anyway, it was a couple of weeks later and my friend Boom (who recently met the Head from Art Attack)  and I were looking for somewhere to eat and we decided to go get burgers at the Big Chill. Things were off to a bad start when we couldn’t get a seat for ages because there were just so many cool hipsters in there hanging out and being hipsters or whatever, but I was still excited when I ordered my burger. I think I had a Mexican.

The Big Chill is one of those annoying places – kinda like The Diner – where you order a burger and it doesn’t come with any sides at all. No fries, no salad, no nothing. I guess this is why it looked like it was really good value. I hate places like this. Nobody just wants a burger on its own you idiots! Anyway neither of us had much money and we weren’t really that hungry anyway so we just split some fries, but this was more down to the fact that we had to pay extra for them rather than that we weren’t hungry. We would have gladly had them if they came with the burger, as they should.

The burgers turned up and the first thing I noticed were taht they were really small. Like, really small. As in I probably finished mine in about five or six bites, and I don’t even take big bites. The burger itself was great. The bun wasn’t toasted but it was still quite crisp (not sure how they did that) and the burger itself was really really nice and the toppings were cool, but my main gripe was that it was just so small. I think I might have even been more hungry after I finished it than when I started, if that’s possible.

In short, the burger was OK. Better than The Diner’s OK, definitely. The food was good, it was just too small, especially as it was only the burger included in the price. Added to the fact that it was really hard to find somewhere to sit and eat it and the fact that the place was filled with hipsters means I probably won’t be going back there to eat specifically any time soon. Maybe for a beer though sure. Gotta be seen in this game you know.




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