The Best Animal Gifs To Watch When You’re High

cat weed

Had enough of watching the same films when you’re high? Try out these GIFS for size, and just chill the fvck out.

cat weed

Like to get high and watch animals do some funny shit? Yeah, me too. Instead of watching some deep, bleak, depressing film that’ll just bring you down it’s always better to watch something funny and light – something you can ride the waves on.

If you’ve rinsed your comedy collection to the max and watched every funny film on TV so much that you can recite the whole fvcking script, then you should really watch these funny animal GIFS. They work pretty well. They’re light, include cats and they’ll have you laughing while you’re on the dragon’s back. What’s not to like about that? Exactly. Nothing.

So, chill out, light up and let these GIFS take you to the next level. Peace out.

cat glasses



bird run

crazy eyes

cat paw

hat jump

dizzy chimp

And finally, there’s this guy who’ll come for us all one day.



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