The Best And Worst TikTok Videos In Existence #8

This is why I’m never allowing my kids on TikTok.

The world of TikTok and the ability to lipsync to music videos and do really weird stuff in the process is something that I’m never going to understand at all, but that’s not going to stop me sharing the absolute dumbest ones on the internet with you.

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Let’s go:

Kicking things off as we intend to go on – by making no sense at all.

I’m so confused.

Is this guy having a brain aneurysm or something?

They grow up so fast these days.

That could not have gone any better.

I like the way this guy thinks.

Just trying to work out whether that bra is stuffed or not.

My sincerest apologies.


Got ’em.

OK then. Moving on…

Was worried there for a second.

Electric stuff.

Girl on the left is literally everyone watching this.

Another absolute electric factory.

Impressive… but also slightly terrifying.

When you’re all about that anime life.

I think we’ll end it on that note.

Ok that’s enough of that I think my head is gonna explode if I look at any more of this stuff. Until next week, or if you need some more why not click here for every one we’ve ever done? That should keep you occupied.


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