The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of The Trump/Clinton Debate Is Almost As Funny As The Real Thing


Never fails to disappoint.

The American public and anyone who can be bothered to stay up until 2am in this country have been entertained the last couple of weeks thanks to the debates that have been going on between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates sought to not really answer the questions that anyone asked them, but to instead go off on extended monologues that attacked each other’s characters. Hey, I’m not complaining – it was great.

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However, ‘Bad Lip Reading’ have managed to take the footage from the debate and make it even better in their own inimitable style. Get a load of this:

Yep, the debate probably would be a lot more fun if it included half of the sections seen on that video – I particularly enjoyed ‘Time To Act’ and some of Donald Trump’s answers like ‘look Bill it’s a penguin’. Never fails to disappoint.

For more ‘Bad Lip Reading’, click here to see a whole bunch of past episodes. Really is genius.


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