New Texting App Lets You See What The Other Person Is Typing In Real Time

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Now here’s a new app that’s equal parts terrifying and revolutionary.

You know how when you’re texting someone and you see the little speech bubble so you know that they’re replying and you’re all like ‘oh my god what the fuck are they going to say, this is tearing me up, why the fuck are they taking so long etc etc’? Well, it basically eliminates that completely and lets you see what your texting partner is typing in real time.

Yeah, that’s right. No more going over your messages until you think you’ve got them perfect and ready to send – providing your buddy is looking at their phone then they’re going to see all the thoughts that go through your head as you type them, even if you end up deleting them. Dangerous, I’m sure you’ll agree – especially if you’re drunk texting someone for example when the shit normally hits the fan anyway.

Quite why anyone would want to invent this is beyond me, unless they’re looking to completely destroy everyone in the entire world’s relationship with one another, but it exists and it’s called Beam. I can’t really see it taking off – why would anyone subject themselves to such torture, but stranger things have happened like these 18 dumb ideas that somehow actually made it into reality.

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