People Texting Their ‘Text Door Neighbours’ Is The Most Annoying Trend Of 2016 So Far

The best way to annoy a complete stranger in 2016.

Hey guys, have you messaged your text door neighbour to wish them a happy new year yet? LOLZ! Come on! Everyone’s doing it!

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What a load of bollocks. Basically, your ‘text door neighbour’ is the person whose mobile phone number is just one digit different from yours. In the last few days, it’s somehow become a thing to text this person out of the blue and annoy them for no real reason whatsoever.

Here’s how it’s gone so far:


Pretty dumb right?

To be fair, some people don’t really seem to mind:

Riveting convo right there.

I might actually try this now after reading all those replies – who knows, could be fun. At the same time I’m way too paranoid about reaching some psychopath and having them track me down and try ruin me because I sent them a text with the words ‘text door neighbour’ in it. Yeah OK slim chance of that happening but at the same time, you never know.

Probably better off texting drunk Drake lyrics to your ex-girlfriends.


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