This Terrifying New Video From The Scottish Government Shows How Quickly Coronavirus Spreads

Like a horror movie.

Now that the summer is over and we’re no longer being encouraged to Eat Out To Help Out or get back into the office, it seems like Coronavirus is back on the agenda for the government and their new plan is to scare as as much as possible into following their wishy washy undefined rules.

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And to be fair, this effort from the Scottish government might actually help convince a few people who have been protesting against wearing masks and anything else they can find to get angry about. They’ve decided to produce an advert that represents Coronavirus as a dark green smudge and illustrate how quickly it can be spread if people aren’t following the scientific guidelines and government advice for avoiding it.

Take a look – it’s a bit like something out of a horror movie like ‘It Follows’ or something:

Geez. That’s pretty blunt and bleak and depressing isn’t it, but I suppose this is the way they feel they have to communicate with people in order to continue to fight the virus and stop its spread. I like the way that they’ve managed to make an everyday situation that most people can relate become completely terrifying –  hopefully it will knock some sense into people that aren’t following the rules.

Kinda stupid that they didn’t predict all this beforehand and come up with some measures to stop it aside of hoping that it would just all go away, but I guess that’s just this government for you. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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