Terrifying Footage Of The Recent Monster Tornado In Illinois

And you thought English weather was bad. Nope.

We might cry and moan about the rain we’re subjected to over here in dull old England town, but we should shut our mouths. Some countries have weather that’s actually worth moaning about.

A few days back a a tornado ripped through the little town of Fairdale, killing two elderly neighbours and injuring at least seven others. Youtube user e2theloc lives near by and filmed the behemoth as it crawled across the horizon. Twenty homes in Fairdale were flattened and trees were stripped of all but the thickest branches by the 200 mph winds.

Utterly terrifying. Imagine seeing something like this waltzing up to your front door:

It’s incredible to see something that powerful and destructive just ambling along. We found out recently that a tornado makes for a pretty awesome wedding photo backdrop, but man alive, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near that thing.


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