Drug Testers Reveal The 10 Strongest Ecstasy Pills Doing The Rounds This Summer

Stay safe.

It’s August, which means festival season is well and truly upon us. And while most will enjoy a few tinnies while they watch their favourite bands, a large chunk of people will take this up a notch by indulging in a few ecstasy pills.

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Although back in the day pills used to be a relatively safe drug, unfortunately now they’re getting stronger and some are packed full of all kinds of dangerous chemicals, leading to a series of untimely deaths.

That said, people aren’t going to stop taking them and so the best way to keep safe is to be informed. That’s where The Loop comes in – this drug charity has been testing drugs at music festivals to ensure people aren’t taking any potentially fatal substances, and as part of their service they’ve now released a report on the ten strongest ecstasy pills doing the rounds this summer to advise caution if you happen to come into possession of them yourself.

Check ’em out below:

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As they say, #StartLowGoSlow and stay safe this summer.

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