Ten Over The Top Horror Film Gifs That Prove Japan Is The Best At Gore

Happy Halloween everyone.

It’s Halloween next week so in the run up I thought what better way to celebrate than to flood your eyes with Japanese horror clips.

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Japanese horror is celebrated for its unique theatrical adaption of the traditional horror genre. Unlike the cutthroat, jumpy style of the U.S., Japanese directors tend to focus on tension, usually centering round ghosts, monsters or poltergeists.

But probably most notable is that when the suspense finally reaches its crescendo, the gore scenes are so over the top they can almost be described as torture porn. If you don’t know what I’m on about, just check out the gifs below, taken from some of the best Japanese horror movies:

japanese-horror-gif-10 japanese-horror-gif-9






japanese-horror-gif-5 japanese-horror-gif-4


So much gore. So much blood. So much love. Never change Japan.

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