Teens Celebrate Acing Exams By Swinging One Handed On 300 Foot Crane

brighton crane hang

One hell of a celebration.

When I nailed my exams, I think I celebrated by going out and getting wasted with my buddies like most people do – in my mind I was like this wasted guy entering the club in the best way ever, although it was probably nothing like that – but it turns out that isn’t enough for some people these days.

Instead, they like to climb up 300 foot cranes and swing off them with one hand to celebrate. Ok, maybe not everyone but these two 19 year olds from Brighton named Jake Deakin and Joe Bennett decided to do.

They had probably been watching too many Mustang Wanted videos on YouTube but hey – if you get those exam results then you should be allowed to party how you want to. Just try not to die if you get any ideas after reading this post.


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