First Pictures Show Teen Who Brutally Decapitated Friend For Sexually Assaulting His Girlfriend

Teen and Olena

Going too far?

Sexual assault of any kind is never acceptable and this has only been driven home in the past couple of weeks thanks to the Harvey Weinstein affair. But whilst a suitable form of punishment has yet to be determined, I’m not sure if decapitation is a valid one.

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A 16-year-old Russian teenager who took the law into his own hands disagrees with me on this one though. Nikita Rasskazov (above) was confronting his 19-year-old friend Artyom Shustov (below) about the time that he and another man had touched her breasts and genitals at a party after a female had pinned her down.


Rasskazov said that he flew into a rage as the conversation escalated and he ended up stabbing him multiple times with a barbecue knife before decapitating him. He then stored the head in his backpack before stashing it in his wardrobe overnight and finally disposing of it by weighing it down with stones and throwing it in a river.

Artem Shustov

Despite his best attempts at covering up the crime, Rasskazov was caught and has received a surprisingly light sentence by judges: he will serve six years in jail for the crime and has been ordered to pay £28,700 to Shustov’s family. This seems like a pretty light sentence given the heinous nature of his crime and Shustov’s father plans to appeal against the sentence, stating that no amount of money can compare to a human life.

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Can’t say I blame the guy really. Sexual assault is all kinds of wrong but I don’t think that someone should end up being decapitated because of it. The punishment definitely doesn’t fit the crime there.

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