Teenager Uses Cane To Brutally Attack Old Man For No Reason (VIDEO)

Cane Attack

Why would anyone do something like this?

I’m never really sure why people want to attack each other in the first place, but there’s usually at least some kind of underlying reason behind the violence. Not so in the video below, or at least not one that seems immediately obvious.

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The video features 19-year-old Saul Nunez walking around Manhattan in his pyjama bottoms with a cane like he owns the place, when in fact he’s just a 19-year-old punk kid. Then out of nowhere he spots 90-year-old Juan Llorens pushing his shopping slowly along the pavement and out of nowhere decides to kick it over and whack him in the head with the cane.

Fortunately, some passers-by were able to step in and stop the attack before it went even further, but even so it’s completely unexpected and one hell of a brutal beatdown:

Jesus. What an absolute asshole that kid is. I can’t even think of any underlying reason why you would beat an elderly man like that in the middle of the street.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Saul was apprehended and is currently undergoing a psychiatric exam before he faces trial. Hopefully he gets sent down because what he did is completely uncool and uncalled for.

For more canes, check out this old man with a cane throw it down and start dancing because he loves the music so much. Way more uplifting than this story.


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