A Teenage Girl Just Got Found Roaming The Streets With Satanic Symbols Carved Into Her Body



We all know that members of Led Zeppelin dabbled in the occult from time to time – but generally, it’s something that most people stay away from.

This week, the locals of a village in Nicaragua received the fright of their lives when they found a disorientated 13-year-old school girl roaming the streets, bleeding, with no recollection of what happened to her.

The worst part is that, according to many of the locals, the girl had satanic symbols etched into her body – hence the bleeding.

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When questioned, the young girl couldn’t explain how her hands and arms were slashed, or why pentagons and other satanic symbols were carved into her body. Witnesses said she was pacing around in a trance with a white school uniform and a backpack on and she could barely pronounce her own name.

Although Nicaragua is a devoutly Roman Catholic country, many people believe in and fear the devil and the occult and many are scared that this is the work of some demented Charles Manson-style group.

One local said:

We stopped her but it was very strange. She seemed to have been playing some strange game.

Freaky stuff. I hope the poor girl is OK and that more satanic incidents like this don’t occur in the village. One thing’s for sure – I won’t be going to Nicaragua anytime soon; apparently, another girl had to get exorcised there just two weeks ago.

To watch a video of the weirdest satanic follower of all time, click HERE. 


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