This Teen Waking Up From Heart Transplant Surgery Will Make You Appreciate Life 100% More

You’ll never complain about anything ever again.

Nothing like seeing a 15-year-old kid wake up from heart surgery to  make you feel super shitty about all the minor things you bitch about on a daily basis.

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Trevor Sullivan underwent heart transplant surgery after suffering from severe heart failure and getting rushed to hospital by his parents who had assumed he had a devastatingly bad cold. I mean the last thing you expect to happen to your teenage son is have his heart stop beating out of nowhere.

It took 9 months to find a donor match and thankfully, the surgery was a success. Here’s the moment Trevor awoke from the surgery – which could’ve resulted in a heart attack, stroke, or death – and realised he’d make it to the other side:

Man, that’s awesome and really reminds you not take to your own health for granted.

Trevor’s currently recovering well in his Michigan home while his body adapts to his new heart. How crazy is it that this kid actually has a new heart beating inside his chest? Incredible.

After all, heart surgery doesn’t always go according to plan.


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