Teen Mum Arrested After Leaked Footage Shows Her Wrecked On Spice In Front Of Her Kid

Lauren Brooke Englett

She looks absolutely out of it.

A woman has been arrested after a video went viral showing her absolutely fucked on the synthetic marijuana Spice in front of her 2-year-old son.

Lauren Brooke Englett from Alabama, who is just 18, was taken in by the police and charged with domestic violence and reckless endangerment over her actions.

The video is pretty disturbing so watch with discretion. After smoking the Spice she literally turns into Linda Blair from the Exorcist, writhing around on the floor and rocking back and forth while her toddler darts between her and what could be her boyfriend. The pair are both too wrecked to pay attention, while the toddler walks around visibly distressed:

Alabama police have taken the child into the custody of welfare officers while the trial takes place. They are also looking for the guy in the video, Jamie Jemison, as well as the woman who filmed it, Rachel Rickard.

Speaking of which, why did that woman just sit by and film the whole thing while that kid just stands there sobbing? If you’re sober enough to take a video, you’re sober enough to help a distressed kid. That is some seriously messed up shit.

Anyway, I hope that child makes it to somewhere safe. If there was ever a warning to stay away from Spice, this is it. If you don’t believe me, check out how it is literally ruining people’s lives.


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