Teen Injured By Naked Cam Girl Who Threw Tyres Out Window During Live Show (VIDEO)

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That’s wheely bad.

The cam girl profession can be a tough nut to crack – with the rise of sites such as Chaturbate and the media attention around people who make thousands a week by performing live sex shows for cash, hundreds of men and women are trying to claim their slice of the lucrative pie.

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As such, there’s more competition than ever, meaning to garner an audience, you need to have a USP. Which is all well and good, unless your niche involves causing serious injuries to the general public.

This was the route cam girl and model named only as Viktoria took when she decided to throw a bunch of tyres out of her window whilst performing for her viewers.

As you’d expect, one of those tyres ended up hitting a passerby, the victim being a 15-year-old who was left with ‘serious head injuries’ and rushed to hospital as a result of the incident.

Viktoria, who is in her 20s, is now facing prosecution due to ‘inflicting grave health damage through her negligence’. And there’s no way she can deny her involvement, as there’s video evidence of her lobbing the tyres out of the window of her apartment block in Moscow.


If you’re wondering why she did it, apparently moments before she hit the teen, one of the punters asked Viktoria why there were a bunch of tyres in her home, to which she replied they belonged to her ex-husband and that she wanted to get rid of them.

Several viewers urged her to chuck them out the window. And so she did… without even checking the pavement below.

Although the police are yet to comment on the unusual incident, no doubt Viktoria will be punished in due course.


There’s a moral in this story somewhere. Don’t always do what other people tell you? Always watch your step? Or maybe just don’t throw heavy fucking tyres out of your window without checking the street below. Yeah, definitely the last one.

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