Teen Breaks Into Ronaldo’s World Cup Room, Waits In His Bed For Him, Then Ronaldo Lets Him Go

Even though this is a major security breach and Portugal are out of the World Cup, Ronaldo was still safe about this.

When Ronaldo isn’t tearing up the football pitch and ripping defenders a new one, he’s actually a surprisingly safe guy off the pitch and this can be epitomised by this story emerging from the World Cup last night, although it doesn’t exactly shower Brazilian security staff in glory.

A 15 year old Brazilian kid called Yago Leal apparently climbed up the side of the hotel that Ronaldo and the Portuguese team were staying in Brasilia and managed to get into his hotel room via the balcony. When he got up there he said that he was really tired (not surprising really considering he’d just climbed up the side of the building somehow!?!) and so decided to take a rest on Ronaldo’s bed because ‘he knew he had laid on it’.

Unfortunately though it seems like he had way too long of a nap as it wasn’t long before Ronaldo entered the room and caught him red handed. Ronaldo was completely safe about it thought and promised he wouldn’t tell the cops if the kid got out of his hotel room. That did mean he had to climb down the hotel wall again, but Yago didn’t seem to mind and even managed to get a snap of Ronaldo on the balcony as he made his escape.

What a chill guy. You can see the picture below.

Yago leal Cristiano Ronaldo Picture



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