Teen Trying To Impress His Girlfriend With A Firework Almost Blows His Entire Hand Off (NSFW)

Luckily he’s a lefty, meaning the he’ll still be able to carry out the essentials.

You would think that people would know by now not to mess around with fireworks because they can seriously mess you up, especially when there are videos like this one on the internet virtually every other day, but some kids just never learn, like 15 year old Dylan Cosgrove from Newcastle.

Dylan bought some fireworks in preparation for Bonfire Night and was messing around with them in his bedroom to try and impress his girlfriend. He lit one with the intention of blowing the fuse out, but when it refused to go out he ran into the corner of the room and tried to shield his girlfriend from the blast (hero). Unfortunately that ended with him almost blowing his entire hand off (jerk).

Dylan explains what happened:

My ears were ringing and I could smell my burning flesh. My index finger was bent backwards and the top of one of my fingers had been blown off. My girlfriend was screaming. I think I was just in shock. I went through four and a half hours of surgery. As a result, I have metal pins in most of my fingers and two of the tendons have snapped and retracted back into my arm which means I have lost flexibility and will have restricted movement in my right hand forever.

Ouch. If there’s a silver lining to the story it’s that Dylan is actually left handed so he’ll still be able to bust a nut, but I doubt that’s that much respite when you’ve completely fucked up your hand for the rest of your life due to a moment of sheer stupidity. Be careful this Bonfire Night guys, this could be you.

Check out the pics on the next page, they’re pretty graphic.

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