The latest twist in the increasingly unpredictable story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice!

Well, this is definitely a fall from grace if our last report that he was heading to rehab wasn’t enough evidence. It’s being reported that Ted Williams – the homeless man with the golden voice – has voluntarily checked himself out of rehab against medical advice only two weeks after Dr Phil convinced him to head there in the first place. Williams, who was in Dr Phil’s favourite recovery centre Origins Recovery Centre in South Texas (he always sends people there, must be some kind of deal), allegedly caught a plane to go meet his girlfriend who is in rehab in the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California. How the hell did he afford to buy a plane ticket as well?

Again, this is unusual because hardly any reports have even made mention of Williams having a girlfriend. Indeed, most of them have been covering Williams’ reunion with his ex wife and nine children. However, I found out that Williams does have a girlfriend named Kathy who appeared on Dr Phil (obviously) last week and told him they had been together for seventeen years and had a couple of kids together. She also told him that she performed as a hooker regularly during their relationship so they could buy crack. Here’s a clip of the show where Dr. Phil states he ‘will do everything in his power to keep them apart’ if she doesn’t agree to go to rehab. Looks like a good episode:


I’m not sure where this is going to go, but apparently Williams still has an offer from the NBA to announce for the Cleveland Cavaliers so maybe he’ll bust Kathy out of rehab and go do that? Expect an update from Dr Phil before the end of the week.


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