Teachers Caught On Camera Playing ‘Shag, Marry Or Kill’ About Special Needs Students



A group of teachers are in the shit after they were caught on camera making sexual comments about their students – including one kid with special needs.

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In the video, which was secretly filmed at the Bangor Tavern Bar and Grill, shows the teachers making comments about the students including ratings of who they’d have sex with, marry or kill.

Since the video has been released, a school secretary who was in the video has resigned from their position. In addition to the secretary and their resignation, the school attorney said six teachers were involved – two were given written reprimands and four were given verbal reprimands.

The parents are saying that they should resign from their posts, although unfortunately there is not enough material for the school to force this. One thing’s for sure – if any of the kids who were mentioned in the video see this (which they inevitably will) class is going to be awkward as fuck for the next few months. Next time maybe keep that kind of chat for people who are of legal age, yeah?

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