New Sex Scandal Teacher Argues She Shouldn’t Be Jailed Because All The Students Loved Having Sex With Her

Who are the victims exactly?

Last week was a hell of a week for female teachers getting thrown in jail for having sex with their students. This young lady got 22 years jail time, but then got trumped by this lady who got 30 YEARS. Pretty surprising sentences for what are essentially victimless crimes, but as many point out, those are the kind of sentences male teachers receive for sleeping with female students.

Anyway, a 32 year old New Jersey teacher named Nicole McDonough is now accused of having sex with her students, and is arguing that any jail sentence at all would be harsh as they all enjoyed hooking up with her.

One said as much on Twitter:


But while both the teacher and students agree there were no victims in her crime, it looks like she’s still going to get at least 5 years after prosecutors blocked her from entering a diversionary program instead of facing prison time. Harsh.

teacher student

teacher student 2

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One thing to note is that all 3 of this teacher’s ‘victims’ were 18 year olds, which means if this had happened outside of a school setting it would be fine. 32 year old woman hooking up with an 18 year old kid is totally legal – except when it happens in school apparently. Prison time just seems a bit harsh in this particular case. Nicole is going to be doing hard time while the students she banged boast about having sex with their hot teacher for the rest of their lives. Doesn’t seem fair does it?


#FreeMcdonough indeed.


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