Teacher Goes To Jail For Sending These Selfies To Her 13 Year Old Student

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So disgusting.

School teacher Amanda Schweitzer, 37, was arrested recently for raping a 13-year-old student.

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Schweitzer reportedly had sex with the teenager after taking him to her home, although she was already under investigation after sending naked selfies to three other male students, one aged 13 and two more aged 14. So wrong.

Amanda Schweitzher

What’s even more insane about this disturbing case is that she had only been married for 17 months when carrying out these vile crimes.

The police document says:

Schweitzer and C.A then had sexual intercourse in the bedroom.

Schweitzer was 37 years old and C.A was 13 years old at the time of the sexual intercourse.

She has since been charged with first degree rape and put on “admin leave” from the school she was working at.

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It’s just so bizarre that these stories keep emerging into the public domain. What possess someone to take advantage of teenagers who are already vulnerable as it is? Not to mention that this woman had a happy future ahead of her following the marriage. You’ve got to feel for her husband.

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