The guys from Colman Getty sent us a copy of their new satire ‘Tancredi’ – written by the man who founded the Ministry of Sound.

The guys from Colman Getty PR emailed us a couple of months ago telling us about how they wanted our help covering a new book they were releasing called Tancredi. Naturally, being the cool guys that we are at Sick Chirpse we agreed to help them. Turns out Tancredi is written by James Palumbo who founded the Ministry of Sound and has a personal fortune of around $150 million. I guess when you have that much money why not write a book huh?

The guys at Colman Getty seem to have really stepped up to the plate with their ideas marketing the book though, which is impressive/cool, sure. I mean they’ve even released a trailer for the book. I’ve never heard of a book having a trailer before. And what’s more it’s actually pretty cool. It’s only a minute long and is animated but it’s pretty dark and gross – if I hadn’t already read the book it would definitely get me interested. Check it out below:


They also released a video of James Palumbo explaining the plot of the novel. I still think it’s debatable whether watching a video of somebody talking about something is better than just reading a synopsis but I guess in the age of viral videos you’ve gotta get involved right? I’m not gonna write a synopsis of the plot so you might as well check out this video below, although I don’t really see how James Palumbo can expect anyone to take him seriously when writing a ‘satire about greed’ when he’s a millionaire and lives in the huge house depicted in this video – I mean he’s got to have been pretty greedy to make so much money right? Or maybe that’s just another part of the irony/satire of Tancredi.


The guys have even given us some free chapters of Tancredi to give away which you can check out here and also sent me a free copy of the book in order to review it. Check back later in the week to see what I though of it, but I’ll say this right now – I enjoyed it. You can order the book/find out more information about it here. If you’re into reading and satire check it out. Also, if any other publishing companies want us to feature their new books on the site email us at info@sickchirpse.com.

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