Take An HD Colourised Tour Of Ruined Berlin In 1945 After The Germans Surrendered


Absolutely beautiful, epic footage.

There’s no doubting that World War II was probably one of the most awful times for European nations in the last hundred years or so, as the majority of land in the majority of countries there had the absolute shit bombed out of it.

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It’s very rare that we actually get to see this clearly though, as much of the footage is in grainy black and white that doesn’t really give the level of detail that we’re used to in 2016. The footage below is a slight exception to the rule though, as it’s legit scenes from the era but they’ve been colourised and restored in 1080 HD, giving you a whole new experience of what it was really like at the end of the war in Berlin.

The buildings were still in ruins but the Germans just got on with it and went back to their jobs. The video includes scenes at the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linder and parts where the rubble women are working in the streets and the tram is running again:

Absolutely beautiful, epic footage right there. For more of the same, check out these incredible colourised historical photographs from some of the most important moments in history. Legendary.


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