Taika Waititi Has Directed The 2020 Coca Cola Christmas Advert And It’s Awesome


You’ve probably heard the name Taika Waititi – you know, he directed ‘Thor:Ragnarok’ and ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ and ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’ amongst other projects – so it’s a really coup that Coca Cola managed to snag him to direct their 2020 Christmas advert.

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And let me tell you, he does not disappoint with his effort, taking viewers on a magical journey all over the world which is almost guaranteed to leave you in tears by the end of it. That’s not bad for a two and a half minute run time is it?

Take a look at the video below, but be prepared to well up:

Wow. What a twist – I certainly didn’t see that coming and was wondering where the whole thing was going through most of it to be honest, but then when you get there you realise just how important the journey has been all along. Really great short form filmmaking that any young director would do well to study and learn from. A+.

And yeah, I get that it’s for Coca Cola and it’s crass commercialism/mass marketing blah blah blah etc, but Taika has really taken the ball and run with it to a different level, so let’s just enjoy it hey? 2020 has been so crappy there’s not exactly that much to be thankful for, but those two minutes really did it for me. Hopefully you appreciated it too.

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