Taco Pizza Is Here To Ruin Your Summer Bod

Taco pizza

Who cares when you’ve got taco pizza?

Tacos are delicious. Pizza is also delicious. So it’s no surprise that a genius restaurant owner decided to combine these two dishes to make the ultimate food love affair.

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In Hoboken, New Jersey, a pizza joint called ‘Tony Boloney’ transformed its traditional menu by creating the taco pizza. The pie crust is made from Oaxaca cheese, carne asada and chipotle. There’s another layer of cheese on top of this and the topping involves a wide variety of tacos. And if that weren’t enough, they then pile in the guac and sour cream in the centre. Behold the taco pizza in all its fatty glory:

I love the fact that the inspiration was two stoner guys demanding “taco Tuesday”. Some of the best food inventions have been made thanks to weed.

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