Sunday Sessions With T. Williams

T Williams

It’s a 5AM and you’re monged out of your face at the after party. This track will save your life.

T Williams

You know when you’ve been out all night doing whatever you were doing and it gets to that 5am after party time when you’ve pulled a few too many smokes and that 7th Jager is settling in? Well sometimes you’re lucky enough to find yourself slumped next to some fine guy/girl who will put a comforting arm round you to get you through the fear. That’s the vibe going on with this box fresh T.Williams track that’s been given a lot of love on Radio 1 right now.

The is a lovely float through a garage tinged memory of the club you were just at hours before. It’s got vocals almost like what I would imagine Whitney Houston would sound like if she was turning 17 and from Croydon in s good way. Lovely.

T. Williams – Think Of You

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