Syrian Family Votes For Donald Trump; Half Their Family Gets Deported


If you’re a Syrian person living in America, it’s probably a bit of a risky move to vote for the man who is promising a Muslim ban once he gets sworn in.

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Well one Pennsylvania family didn’t really think that through, and a whole bunch of them coming back into the States were detained at Philadelphia International Airport and sent back overseas under Trump’s new immigration order.

Sarmad Assali told NBC that his family is especially gutted because they voted for Trump:

I understand he wants to make America safe. We’re all on with this. I definitely want to be in a safe place. But people need us and we need to be there for them.


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Assali’s two brothers, their wives and their two kids initiated their immigration attempts in 2003 while living in Syria. In December 2016, they were approved to join Assali and her husband in Allentown after the couple bought and furnished a home for them.

Assali and her husband, Dr. Ghassan Assali, who has a dentistry practice and received his degree from New York University, are originally from Syria but have been living in the US for 20 years.

That wasn’t enough to keep their relatives in the county however – and they were sent on the next 18-hour flight back overseas.


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Obviously it’s not great that genuine, honest immigrant families are deported or denied entry into the US, but at the same time it’s sorta funny to know that this family voted for Trump and then felt the devastation of the Muslim ban first-hand. I wonder if their friends tried to warn them that it wasn’t a good idea and they were just like “oh no it’s fine, Trump just wants to make American great again.” Boom – half your family sent back to Syria, just like that.

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