Man Gets Thrown Onto Train Tracks In Front On Train, Attacker Saves His Life At The Last Second

Here’s how you go from enemies to best buds in a matter of seconds.

It’s always heart-warming to see a brutal fist fight suddenly end with the fighters becoming best buds, as seen in that hilarious Philadelphia street fight we shared the other week.

This clip from a train station fight in Switzerland is considerably more dramatic though, as one of them winds up on the train tracks as a high-speed train charges towards him. Luckily, the other guy realised it would be a tad OTT to just leave him there to die:

Phew. I like to think these two went for a drink and cracked joke about it immediately after… but chances are they were probably already wasted.

The most perfect ending to a fight we’ve ever seen though, has to be the immortal words uttered at the end of this one between two roommates in the States.


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