Surf’s Up, Dogs.

Dogs surfing. Surfing dogs. Dogs on surf boards. Surf boards with dogs on them. Get it? Mental. Welcome to the California and the 4th Annual Surf City Dog Event.

The Sunshine State played host to arguably the biggest showpiece to hit their fair shores since the farm hand who was caught with his hand in the donkey flavoured cookie jarThe 4th Annual Surf City Dog event held in Huntington Beach, CA.

48 dogs were split across four heats by their weight and judged on their skills by some fully qualified Krufts meets Poink Break judges.

If the dogs got their asses up on all fours they banged a swift 5 points out, while the four legged fiends were docked a point if they were on a lead.

The swell was strong and the dogs were battling 3 to 4 foot waves and currents strong enough to give Johnny Utah a tough time.

They even went as far as to try and smash a Guinness World Record attempt around midday by getting 20 dogs to try and coast on a wave for a solid 5 – they fucked it though. The current was too strong and all 20 of them didn’t fancy the jokes on the board and bailed to paddle their pooch asses to shore.

Here’s a video of the dogs trying their best to rip it up, in reality they’re fvcking shit but it is dogs riding a surfboard so it’s pretty fvcking funny. Check it:
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