The Rock Is One Step Closer To Becoming U.S. President In The 2020 Election

The Rock

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

The rumours about The Rock running for President in the 2020 election have been floating around for months following Donald Trump’s miraculous win, and they’ve been taken one step closer to reality after a fan revealed that he had registered a ‘Run The Rock 2020’ campaign with the American government’s election body.

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Kenton Tilford of Wheeling, West Virginia (pictured below) is a Rock superfan and was eager to get the ball rolling and encourage him to make a decision regarding whether or not he’s going to run. The Rock did reveal in May that he was considering it, and I guess Tilford is hoping that this will be the kick up the ass he needs:

Kenton Tilford

I’m just a private citizen unaffiliated with Mr Johnson, but I’ve talked with many who believe he can deliver the leadership America needs.

While there has been significant discussion of the possibility of The Rock running for President, there is currently no avenue for supporters to channel their energies and get Mr Johnson to notice the groundswell of support he has in the grassroots.

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Well, I doubt this is really going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in The Rock deciding whether or not to run for President, but I suppose at least he now knows that the framework is in place if he does decide to do anything like that. Bet that’s making him rest easier tonight.

As for Tilford, he can probably dream of the chance to work on The Rock’s campaign or maybe just hang out with his hero one time as a reward for doing such a selfless act with this registration. Legend.

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