Here’s A Supercut Of Sign Language Interpreters Killing It At Heavy Metal Concerts

This is something else.

Remember a long, long time ago when you used to be able to go and see live music in the flesh? Remember even longer ago than that when a video of a heavy metal interpreter at one of these concerts went viral because watching her dance on stage and kill it with her movements was completely hilarious but also really impressive?

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Well, it turns out that there isn’t just one heavy metal interpreter out there but a whole bunch of them and someone has decided to spend their lockdown making a supercut of all these heroes and as you might expect, it’s as funny as it is inspirational. Take a look at it below:

Wow. These guys really do love their jobs don’t they? It’s almost as if they’re an extra member of the band in some cases. I wonder if they have to practice with the bands or if they have auditions with them so that they can find the right interpreter that matches their sound/look/vibe? There really are quite a lot of questions about the whole thing that I’m not sure will ever be answered.

Think my favourite one was either the Anthrax one because he was the only guy in the whole set and looked by far and away the weirdest and most awkward, or perhaps the Motley Crue one at the end as she clearly hadn’t practiced and was just looking at a video prompter whilst she was doing it. Both legends either way.

Also I just heard that the vocalist of Power Trip passed away last night who are kind of a heavy metal band so RIP Riley Gale. Tell your friends you love them, maybe share this video with them. It all helps.

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