Here’s A Supercut Of Physically Abusive Women Getting Their Asses Kicked

Supercut Women Getting Knocked Out

In these cases, you can’t really argue that they don’t deserve it.

I’m not really sure why this video has been created – the guy who did so clearly has some agenda against feminism and women and presents it in quite a base way, but even despite this underlying theme most of the women in this video do deserve what’s coming to them as they’re acting absolutely outrageously. Indeed, one woman in the comments on YouTube has said ‘these aren’t women – they’re something else entirely’ and their behaviour really is unacceptable. In fact, most of them even invite being punched by goading their opponents in it so you can’t really blame them for reacting I don’t think.

We’ve actually featured a lot of these knockouts on the site before, but it’s great to have them all in one place to watch. It’s just a shame that the guy making the video is an idiot about feminism and equality – obviously feminists don’t want to get beaten up by men when they say they want to be treated equally. That’s so basic it’s untrue, but I don’t think the women in this video are doing anything to promote feminism anyway by their actions. They’re basically all being complete and utter bitches and deserve what’s coming to them.

This knockout might be better than all of the ones featured in this video though.

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