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Super Bowl

Ok, so I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and I wasn’t even entirely sure what sport it was until I checked with one of my more knowledgeable friends – although one of them did think it was bowling, she goes to Cambridge but whatever.  However, the Super Bowl got so much hype on my twitter feed that I felt like I should watch some. Unfortunately I didn’t watch any of it live — I was pulling an all nighter trying to start and finish an essay due in that day – but it appears I didn’t miss much.

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Yeah yeah Beyoncé looked great as usual when she took to the stage. She can definitely pull off the rubber look better than Liberty X — but I think my Grandma could do that, so it’s not much of an achievement. Maybe I’m just a tough critic, but American Football looks like a load of shit to me, and the best clips I found of the Super Bowl were these top 10 adverts that played during the whole thing. In case you didn’t know because the Super Bowl is the most watched television show in America each year, advertising space costs a huge amount of money and advertising companies literally spend about a million dollars trying to come up with the best adverts they can for these spots, so you tend to see a lot of…..let’s say creative efforts when the play is stopped. Which is all the damn time because it’s stupidass American football.

I’ll be honest, whoever ranked these adverts has got it all totally wrong, number one should definitely be number ten and number four should totally be number one. Jeeze ‘CodByNight’ sort it out…

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Number 10 is some random Doritos advert featuring a hairy man and a goat who has serious munchies. Always comedy gold…

Number 9 has got that irritating red M&M who’s in love with one of the old cast members of Glee, and he’s pretty pissed off because he’s in love with this girl but she keeps trying to eat him. I don’t know why he’s complaining if I’m honest, I wouldn’t be.

Number 8 has a talking baby who is a total lad, and it’s always entertaining to see a baby blow a fat stack of cash.

Number 7 is an advert for Sketchers. Sketchers are probably the grimmest shoes in existence apart from Crocs, but at least people who wear Crocs know they look like a prick. People who wear Sketchers tend to think they’re reppin’ a look. Sorry mate, any ‘shoe that breathes’ isn’t doing it for me. Oh yea, but the advert is alright…

Number 6 is another Doritos advert — Doritos advertising game in America is seriously on point at the moment. Men in dresses? Yes please…

Number 5 is an advert for Kia, it’s a bit long winded but as a girl I like any adverts with babies in.

Number 4 should be number 1. Apart from the stupid random song which appears to be that We Are Young song but in a different language (maybe Mexican – are tacos Mexican?), it features the sickest bunch of old people going to Taco Bell. I definitely want to be like them when I’m older.

Number 3, 2 and 1 are good adverts, but definitely didn’t deserve to win bronze, silver and gold. At the end of the video there’s an ‘honourable mention’ which is a Samsung advert with that man who played Mike from Friends, and was also in loads of rom-coms, yeah you know the one I mean… And Seth Rogen. It is pretty funny because it just shows them both taking the piss about how the one whose name I can’t remember is old and washed up and Seth Rogen does shit films and is a bit fat. It’s always good to see celebrities slating themselves.

Anyway if you read all of that you could have just watched them by now… For me they were definitely the best bits of the Super Bowl 2013.

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