The Super Bowl Billboard Marijuana War

Pro and anti marijuana groups have launched competing marijuana billboards in time for the Superbowl – check them out here.

Pro-legalisation and anti-legalisation billboard adverts surrounding the Super Bowl – how epic is that? I’ll give you a few details in case you’re interested, but if you’re like me then you jut want to see the ads already. For those of us who are proper geeks, did you know there were two types of weed strains produced and named specifically after players from each team?

If you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan — “Beast Mode” is your strain and it also happens to be the nickname of running-back Marshawn Lynch. However, if you’re a Denver Broncos fan, there was a “Peyton Manning” strand released — and that’s the quarter-back’s real name.

And for the elite geeks — here’s a nifty little fact, Seattle and Denver were the first states to legalise weed and they’re the two states represented in the Super Bowl.

I don’t know who started it, but the pro-legalisation guys appear to have more gone considerably harder than the anti-legalisation squad. Here’s some of the ads:

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