Sunday was a massive day for football. Who shone? Who failed to deliver?

Sunday the 26th of February 2012. The first cup final of the English season was to be played at Wembley, where Welsh giants Cardiff City would take on the Premier League’s minnows Liverpool. There was the small matter of the North London derby between Arsenal and Spurs. Who would be victorious, the graceless tightwad Arsene Wenger or FA/Media darling Harry ‘I Like To Play Fast and Loose with This Country’s Tax Laws’ Redknapp? East Anglia would play host to the game of the day too, where Norwich City would take on Man United, where Ryan ‘I like To Play Fast and Loose with One of The Ten Commandments’ Giggs would make his 900th appearance for the Red Devils.

So on such a momentous day of football who would turn out to be the heroes and who would unfortunately be the pathetic, shitty, ‘nobody wants to be their friend’ zeros?

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