Here’s A Sumo Wrestler In A Nappy Doing A Skydive

Skydiving sumo wrestler

Why not?

What’s the best way to advertise your new product?

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If you answered by getting a sumo wrestler to perform a skydive, then you would be correct. That’s the angle that the new Instax SHARE SP2 printer is taking to promote its wares (it’s actually kinda cool, it allows you to print stuff remotely from Facebook and Instagram) and to be honest the advert is so ridiculous it’s probably going to get a lot of people talking.

How does a sumo wrestling skydiving relate to a printer though? Well, it’s because by the time he’s finished the skydive all the photos are there ready to be printed off, as his buddy has already sent them through, naturally.

Yeah I kinda wish I hadn’t seen that. Too much information. Still, you can’t deny that it’s impressive that he does all those moves while he’s in free fall. Do you think that was his first skydive or what? I didn’t think that sumo wrestlers were the kind of people that would be into that kind of activity but hey I guess I’m wrong. First time for everything.

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