Subway Employee Traps Child Inside As Friends Try To Smash Him Free (VIDEO)

Harsh punishment for his crime.

The story goes that this 10-year-old kid tried to steal a packet of crisps from this Subway store, which seems a petty catalyst for what followed.

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A worker at the store in Wembley, northwest London locks the kid inside the shop and manhandles him as his mates try to smash the door down.

At one point the worker drags the kid, properly distressed by the whole thing, across the floor.

Watch below:

No idea what happened next – the only news available is that the Met police got involved and were investigating.

Question is did this Subway worker go too far? OK the kid did try to steal a packet of crisps but there’s something not quite right about trapping a 10 year old inside a shop and terrorising him like that. Definitely going to be having a few recurring nightmares about that one for the rest of his life.

At the same time I highly doubt this kid will steal anything from Subway ever again, so that’s good. Shop keeper’s just lucky his mates didn’t find their way inside or we’d be watching a video of a gang of 10-year-olds beating down a grown man in a sandwich shop.

Then again, we’ve seen one man take on 10 before… and it was glorious.


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