Subway Boss Taunted Vegan Worker By Waving Meat At Her And Saying ‘Eat Like A Man’



A Subway worker in Glasgow was awarded £13,000 at an employment  tribunal after she was bullied by her boss, who was also found to have violated food safety laws.

Kady Reilly, who is vegan, was frequently trolled by Himanshu Lahar who waved meat in her face, encouraged her to handle it and made fun of her allergies. He taunted her about her lifestyle choice and made disparaging comments about her appearance.

As covered by Metro, Lahar would wave meat under Kady’s nose and say ‘go on, eat it, what could happen?’ adding ‘eat like a man, walk like a bull’.

Kady highlighted bad practices at the Subway at a petrol station in Bridgeton, Glasgow, including:

  • Serving dairy cheese to vegan diners when they ran out of plant-based alternatives
  • Failing to provide a sanitary bin for female staff
  • Changing the dates of out-of-date lettuce
  • Refusing to throw away meatballs that had been out for 10 hours

Not great! When Lahar discovered Kady had contacted Environmental Health to raise some of her concerns, he sacked her on the spot.

Well looks like Kady had the last laugh after she took the owners of the franchise, RT Management Bridgeton Limited, to a tribunal which found in her favour, adding that her boss’s comments went against the Equality Act because veganism is classed as a philosophical belief.

The hearing was told:

‘She described being “shocked” at what she described as Mr Lahar’s flippant attitude towards allergies and the possible consequences of a person consuming a substance which they had a severe allergic reaction to. She said that she had “never been disrespected in a work environment before”.’

When Kady complained about the lack of a sanitary bin, Lahar told her she was the only woman ‘of menstruating age’ and she should use the bin in the kitchen. She ended up using the bin in the petrol station instead.

So it sounds like this Himanshu Lahar fella is not just an unpleasant person to work for, but also gives zero f*cks about his customers and food safety, so fair play to Kady for grassing him up and also going to the effort of taking the case to an employment tribunal. Obviously it was worth the trouble because she’s now up £13,000! Probably a bit less than she was earning as a ‘sandwich artist’ in the first place. Go Kady Go! Don’t spend it all at once…

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