Fresh music from the upcoming American producer.

Meet Subvader, the 20 year old bass producer and dj who is making some sick music over the other side of the pond in West Michigan. With a classical music background, an early fondness for Punk and Metal and some self-described sci-fi $ex vibes drawn from crunk, funk, garage, house and dubstep this has influenced him in his unique song writing and producing.

He is generating quite a bit of hype with his unreleased tracks being backed by the likes of Melé, Starkey, Distal, Dillon Francis, Kastle, Reid Speed, LOL Boys and Monki of Rinse FM. He also has a few releases coming out with Californian label RIS Labs so hold tight for those.

After listening to a couple of his tunes, I have picked my favourite ‘Lost In You’ and thought it only fair to share it on our stereo with our sick chirpse readers.

The man himself gave us this description of the track:

‘I was originally going to name this tune ‘lost in space’ but I didn’t think that would capture the exact emotion I was trying to convey. This song is the feeling you get when you look into your lover’s eyes and just get lost in them.’

Download Lost In You here.

It’s nice to see our American buddies making sweet music for our ears.





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