Substitute Teacher Slams Student For Allegedly Calling Him The N-Word (VIDEO)

He snapped.

A Richmond, California, substitute teacher has been sacked after throwing a student to the ground and tossing him out of the classroom after the student allegedly called him the N-word. The incident, which you can watch below, is currently under investigation:

Can’t help but feel the student got taught a serious lesson here but at the same time, the teacher could’ve handled it better; as in, in a manner that didn’t involve assaulting a child and cost him his teaching career. We can get into the whole “when is it okay for an adult to assault a child” debate but at the end of the day, he did more harm to himself with the way he reacted than anyone else. Unless this clip going viral teaches other white kids around the country that you can’t get away with calling your teacher the N-word? Well then it might’ve actually been worth it.

What I want to know is what happens in the class directly after this fight? Does the sub just say “okay, turn back to page 72”? Does the classroom just descend into chaos? Does the teacher roll out the TV and put a film on? Hopefully the camera keeps rolling on the next one of these videos that pops up and we’ll have our answer.

For the unbelievable video of a white teacher telling his black students that he thinks the white race is superior, click HERE. Yikes.


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