Sub Goalie Invades Pitch, Stops Certain Goal, Referee Gives Indirect Free Kick Which Opposition Miss

Sub Goalie Invades Pitch

The headline says it all but this is one of the most comedic and bizarre football clips I’ve ever seen. You gotta check it out.

Sub Goalie Invades Pitch

Ok first things first, that picture has absolutely nothing to do with this story but it was the best picture I could find to illustrate what happens in this video without a crappy screengrab. But yeah, this is crazy and I’ve never seen anything like it, the only problem is that it didn’t happen in a massive game so it would be even more controversial. This happened over in a lower league match in Argentina between San Martin and Bell Ville, but just because it’s from the lower leagues doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be enjoyed because it’s absolutely crazy. Basically, the San Martin reserve keeper Marcos Juarez was warming up behind the goal. Dunno why he was warming up because it’s not like a reserve keeper is going to come on during a match unless the goalie gets sent or injured but whatever, that’s by the by. So yeah, the Bell Ville striker is through one on one with the keeper and the striker lefts the ball over the keeper into the empty net. Only it’s not empty because Marcos Juarez saw the danger and had raced into the goal. He manages to pull off the save and the scarpers off down the touchline. To make matters worse the referee only awards the opposition an indirect free kick in the box and they completely fluff it as it’s charged down almost instantly. To be fair though it is pretty solid to score and indirect free kick that close to the goal because everyone just gets on the line and blocks it. Indirect free kicks in the box are pretty pointless when you think about it.

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But yeah, what a joker this Marcos Juarez character is? Who the hell does he think he is? I would be so mad if this happened to Birmingham but as it happened in Argentina to Bell Ville (who sound lame anyway) I’m just laughing about it. To be fair to the referee there isn’t exactly a precedent for this and it probably isn’t listed as a situation in the referee’s handbook but I don’t think an indirect free kick was the solution because it was 100% going to be a goal if Juarez hadn’t stepped onto the field and saved it. Maybe a penalty? Or just give the goal? And what the hell is going to happen to Juarez? In the video he just skulked off and it didn’t look like anything had even been said or happened to him. He needs to get fined or banned or something. Or maybe given an award for being the biggest joker in football.

Check out the outrageous footage below:

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