A Study Has Revealed The ‘Ideal’ Number Of Sexual Partners

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The answer we’re all looking for.

The ‘ideal’ number of sexual partners probably isn’t something that you’ve spent a lot of time considering – except maybe when you’ve asked the question to your significant other and recoiled at their magic number – but apparently there’s now been a study that can tell you the perfect amount. Are you ready?

Apparently, somewhere between 8 and 12 is the ideal number for people to hear when they’re embarking on a new relationship. This was the answer scored by 38% of men and 37% of women on a poll of 1000 people taken by the biggest extra-marital dating site in Britain Yes, this information is coming from a website that actively encourages married people to have affairs, but I don’t think that should make its findings any less accurate, do you?

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Well, maybe because that doesn’t really make me feel that great about my magic number – let’s just say it’s more than ideal – but you really have to think that everyone taking part in this survey is probably really old and crusty and/or got married real young so they probably don’t really have that high expectations for the amount of people a new partner would have slept with because they weren’t exactly swinging themselves when they were kids. So I think if you’re a little over 12 you can rest easy if you’re of the slightly younger generation.

In any case, the Goldilocks number – yes they actually used that term and it means it’s neither too hot nor too cold, seriously – was revealed as 10. That’s because if it’s more than 10 your’e considered too promiscuous (really? It’s 2016) and if it’s less than 10 then you’re sexually inexperienced (possibly true).

So, now that that’s all cleared up, find out if you’ve got a normal sized penis by checking this survey that claims to have found that out too.


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