Study Finds That Most People Value Pizza More Than Friendship

Pizza is life.

What do you value more: pizza or friendship?

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If you answered pizza, then you would be in line with 98% of the people recently surveyed in an MIT study, although the wording is a bit skewed. The research found that if students were offered the incentive of a free margarita then they’re more than happy to share their friends’ email addresses. So it isn’t saying much, but it does indicate that some people are swayed by pizza.


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Personally I don’t think it’s THAT big a deal to give away one of my friend’s emails, but 60% of the same students felt uncomfortable sharing their contacts’ email addresses so it’s kind of weird that they would just give them away like that.

Interestingly, 75% of Americans in general think that it’s very important to protect your privacy, but I guess that goes out of the window when free pizza is involved. Kinda understandable though I suppose. You can’t beat a slice of cheesy, bread-based goodness.

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