A Study Has Found That Listening To Music Makes You Lift Heavier Weights


Pump up the volume.

It’s an old cliche to think of the angry man listening to nu metal in the gym and going at it hell for leather on the rowing machine, but it turns out that listening to that kind of stuff does actually help you dominate the gym.

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Well to be honest it doesn’t even have to be nu metal – any kind of music will suffice – as a study has found that listening to music of any genre will result in you being able to lift longer and heavier at the gym. Them gains. A study from Samford University deduced the following:

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Current findings suggest that listening to preferred music by the individual results in greater performance than nonpreferred during resistance exercise.

Athletes may benefit from the option to listen to their preferred music to increase motivation and resistance exercise performance.

It sounds obvious but I suppose it’s good that we have the scientific data to back it up.

In case you’re wondering about the details of the study, then the University looked at 12 different men doing a bench press who were challenged to perform as many reps as possible at 75% of their rep max. If they were listening to their favourite songs, not only were they more motivated to even attempt the challenge, but they also increased their velocity and power. Fire emoji.

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